Outdoor Gas Fireplace – A Guide

outdoor fire pit

While many people are buying fire pits these days, an outdoor gas fireplace is still extremely popular. In many cases people will consider them to actually be the same thing. The differences are perhaps much to do with size and shape, with an outdoor gas fireplace being just that – a fireplace that is used outdoors! It will look very much like the fireplace you would find inside a home whereas a fire pit is something that mimics a traditional camp fire and is nothing like anything you would find inside your home.

Its all in the Shape

So when we talk about outdoor gas fireplaces we expect a standard looking fire which will be square or rectangular in shape probably embedded in a fixed position in a garden or yard. But things have changed and a wide variety of shapes and sizes are now available. You can even get a hanging swing fire pit.

What sort of Fuel

You can fuel your fireplace with wood but a much more convenient solution is to use some form of gas. This is usually either Propane or Natural Gas. Remember to read any safety information that comes with your fireplace carefully as there are safety implications with installation and use where gas is concerned.


Some of the problems you might experience with an outdoor gas fireplace:

  • Dark orange flames can be caused by lack of air due to dirt or dust in the gas supply. Check and clean vents according to the supplied instructions.
  • A whistling noise can also occur due to dirt or air in the supply. Check your supplied instrcutions or have the gas checked by a qualified engineer.
  • You hear a clicking noise after you switch off. This is normal and is just the sound produced as the metal cools.
  • Black soot can form over time if the fireplace is installed in an exposed windy location due to the wind causing an erratic flame. There are safety issues with location so always follow manufacturers guidance.

How to Build a Fire Pit


The first question to consider is where are you going to build it. You need a safe location with enough space round it so that people can gather and there is no risk of the fire spreading. Remember to look up as well as around. The ground needs to be suitable and of course if you are going to build a fire pit in a park or other similar area you need to take seriously any fire regulations.

You can build a permanent fire pit for which there are many pre-made pits available where you don’t so much build one as assemble it. I am assuming here that you are going to try and build a fire pit not just buy a kit.

The Base

Depending on the surface on which you are building your fire pit you may or may not need a base to it. If the location is dirt or sand or some other non-flammable material and there is no problem with leaving a mark on it due to the heat then you are best just using what is there as a base to your fire pit. In other situations, you will need a piece of non-flammable material, probably metal to use a base.

Fire Bricks

Make a ring of fire bricks and make sure they are large enough and sturdy enough to hold the grill grate.

The Grill Grate

Something to put your food on is also a bonus, like a grill grate. A heavy cast iron one would be best. The grill grate will provide a good guide to the overall size of your fire pit. Don’t fall into the trap of making the fire pit then getting a grate and finding it is too small. The grate should overlap the bricks to make sure it is stable. If hyou don’t want to go to the expense of a grill grate some long skewers will do as a minimum.

Mesh Cover

A mesh cover is recommended but not vital. The advantages are that it will give you some extra control over your fire to stop embers flying if the fire is burning fiercely.

Cooking on a Fire Pit

Cooking on a fire pit requires practice unless you have a gas fire pit, which provides instant constant heat. With wood it is slow to get going, then typically burns fiercely with large flames before settling down to the ideal stage of nice hot glowing embers. This is the best stage for cooking. The embers will start to cool so you have to then add more wood and go through the cycle again.

Build a Fire Pit – Sorted

Not that hard really. Just remember safety, including other people’s safety is most important. Next most important is to have a good time 🙂

Not All Carpet Shampooers Are The Same

When you have carpeting in your home you know the importance of owning a quality carpet shampooer. Renting one or hiring carpet shampooing professionals is the only other option which can end up costing you financially in the long run so purchasing one is the smartest way to invest your money.

Anyone with children or indoor animals needs to be ready for the Murphy’s Law of carpets if anything can happen to make it dirty, it will happen. Buying a good shampooer for your home should be the top priority.

When finding the best carpet shampooer there are vital things you should think about.

  • The carpet shampooer should have a sizable water reservoir. This will prevent frequently having to refill the tank. This is not a major problem but can be irritating having to stop in the middle of a large carpet cleaning task to continually refill.
  • Find shampooers that have a lot of superb tools. It can be frustrating when spending a lot of money for an appliance that does not have attachments that you may need, for instance, tools for cleaning furniture or stairs. When purchasing a shampooer it will be worth the extra money to get one that will be functional for all your needs.
  • For deep stains you may need rotating brushes, so you should consider the brushes when searching for a shampooer.
  • Trigger switches are more favorable on shampooers, these allow for expelling extra shampoo on high traffic areas or stained spots.

If you are trying to decide what the best carpet shampooer for your home should be, consider how you will be using it. Every person’s needs are different and their choices of machines will be too. Purchasing a heavy duty industrial type machine may not be a good choice if you only have a small carpet to clean.

Purchasing a carpet shampooer is an outstanding means of keeping your carpets looking the way they did when they were first installed.

All You Need To Know About Outdoor Gas Heaters

If you used home heaters and lived in cold countries, then outdoor gas heaters or patio heaters are what you must consider for all your heating needs. That way, you can keep you and your family warm as well as enjoy the outdoor much longer. Before looking at these heaters in more depth, check out Space Heater Pro, a site that provides product reviews for heaters of all types including these patio heaters.

Outdoor Gas Heaters – For Your Heating Needs

If you prefer home heaters to other heaters and lived in cold countries, outdoor gas heaters may appeal to you and solve all your heating requirements. Once you installed these gas heaters, it will keep you and your family happy and warm as well as continue to enjoy the outdoor activities during your cold winter season.

However a good advice is to do this soon because many people are already getting these outdoor gas heaters knowing that it is relatively cheap to install and safe to use too. It also looks like the recent increased demand for such home heaters have somewhat raised up the home gas heaters prices although most people still feel it’s a worthwhile investment for the family.


What You Should Know Before You Commit To Buying Your Gas Heater

  • Most of these outdoor gas heaters are very efficient and they fall under the radiation heaters category. They have been designed to radiate heat to the people around the heater and not just to heat up the air like convection heaters do. If you are unfamiliar with home gas heaters, you might be interested to know that there are many such heaters available like space heaters and wall mounted heaters. They are either portable gas heaters or permanently fixed ones that will suit your needs.
  • When you are searching for your outdoor gas heaters, look out for these home heaters that come with new features like sealed burners, flame controllers and for gas heater safety, emergency cut-off valves. Ask the sales person if any of these are resistant to corrosion because of the fact that these gas heaters will be placed outdoors.
  • Wall Mounted Heaters: These outdoor gas heaters are very safe to use simply because you can wall mount them at any specific locations out of the reach of your all too playful children. You will also be happy to know that wall mounted gas heaters are a lot less expensive than other gas heaters too and come with nice designs and colors.
  • Patio Gas Heaters: Many people like the umbrella patio heaters and they are designed with an aluminium reflector at the top. The purpose of that is to direct the radiant heat generated in either downward or outward direction. The length of the pole is roughly about three to seven feet. For more information you may read up our patio gas heaters page we wrote recently.
  • outdoor-gas-fireplacesOutdoor Gas Fireplaces: These gas fireplaces usually run on three main types of fuel: electric, LP gas and wood burning versions. But most people prefer going for natural gas and propane gas heaters. In most cases, these outdoor gas heaters are similar to what other home gas heaters that you may already be familiar with, but with the exception that they are made with stainless steel. That is added protection it gives to the heaters and heating elements from the harsh cold wintry atmosphere that they get subjected to. Most people leave them outdoors permanently because of this reason. Outdoor gas fireplaces are almost all the time mounted on your outdoor patio and they don’t need a chimney to be built too, contrary to what most people think.
  • You should do some checking of the area that you wish to install these outdoor gas heaters. Only then can you get the optimum efficiency of your home heater. If the area is quite large, then having more than one heater may be necessary to ensure the ideal heating. The radius of space that will be heated by your outdoor gas heater should be in the range of 10 to 20 feet although it depends somewhat on your heater model too. But bear in mind that your typical gas heater is capable of raising the preferred temperature from about 15 to 30 degrees F.

The Benefits

  • The outdoor area is usually more inviting and offers a bigger space to your guests to mingle around. It is good also for the smokers including cigar lovers which would be a non-event if you host it in your enclosed living room. The outdoor area like your patio usually provides a better view of your neighborhood or possibly overlooking a very nice garden that can be lighted up at night too. Well even if it’s windy and chilly, with your installed outdoor gas heaters, you could still hold your party at the outdoor patio and get the warmth flowing.
  • You may also prefer your gas heaters to be portable and not permanently fixed and that’s where LP gas heaters bring you this convenience. They are great for the outdoor person and a lot more commonly used than the electric heater type. Also there are now many types of gas heaters that are designed to come with wheels attached to the base of these outdoor gas heaters. They are lightweight, mobile and ready to move to where heating is needed anywhere in the house or outdoors. So as you can see, if you are thinking of a gas heater, you ought to consider buying outdoor gas heaters to give you a perfect heating solution this winter.

You Know You Want It – The Perfect Outdoor Shower

If you have a very demanding position in the office, hoping for a long vacation can either make you happy or bring you down. If you try to keep your hopes up and it does not happen, you will just end up feeling more frustrated but you always have to keep your cool and relax. Even with only a week’s vacation, there are a lot of things that you will be able to do providing that you get to relax almost every day after coming home from work.

Outdoor Shower 2Now, this seems like it is impossible to achieve especially for those who has jobs that require so much from you physically and mentally at work and at home. Yes, this is true for most people and if it is true for you, then you know how it feels to have stress and fatigue build up in your system. This is a horrible feeling and we must find a way to be able to relax without having to sacrifice too much of our time and an outdoor shower can do this for you.

It might sound impractical to get one of these commodities for your home especially since you probably already have one inside your indoor comfort room but consider the benefits that you will get and also the convenience that you will be able to experience. Normal structures take too long to construct and not only that, it also depletes your budget because of all the materials, sometimes bought at an excess, and also the hired professionals that you will need to enlist. If you think having one constructed outside your home is too expensive and too troublesome then you should just go and buy yourself an outdoor shower kit.

Outdoor Shower 3Usually included in the packages are guidelines so that you can even do the assembly and installation yourself. This makes it very user friendly because you do not have to have a vast experience in construction to be able to build it. Pre-fabricated parts are also in the sets so that all you will need to do is follow instructions and connect everything.

With these available, you won’t have to worry about the hassle that you’ll have to go through if you went for permanent enclosure constructions.

Bike Riding for Weight Loss

Exercise (with proper diet, of course) and weight loss almost go hand in hand these days. The key for a very effective weight loss program is finding an activity you love to do or something you’ll enjoy while losing those extra pounds. Bike riding for weight loss is one of the best ways to enjoy burning calories. To a lot of people, a bike is just a mode of transport which helps them in traveling. But a bike has a lot more to offer, nowadays, bicycle riding is considered one of the best forms of exercise to keep our body fit and healthy.

Benefits of Bike Riding

Bike riding for weight loss is totally in. Depending on the effort, bicycle riding can burn significant amounts of calories. At a moderate speed of 13 mph, bicycle riding can help you burn a little over 500 calories each hour. Surprisingly, you can burn up to 750 calories per hour by picking up the speed to 15 mph. There are ways where you can make the ride difficult yet worthwhile. You can choose to bike ride on a hilly course to make you work harder. And if your bikes have gears, pedaling on a lower gear can help set the resistance higher and maximize the exercise you can get out of bikes.

Bike Riding for Weight Loss  1Bike riding for weight loss is also good for the heart. Aside from the fat burning benefits, bicycle riding is considered as an excellent cardiovascular exercise by elevating your heart rate. Bike riding for weight loss is also considered a non-weight bearing exercise. Your weight is supported by the bike, therefore it is recommended for those who have problems with their knees, hips or backs. Bike riding is a joint friendly exercise perfect for everyone. Bike riding for weight loss will help make your body look leaner but stronger. It provides an excellent over-all workout for body and helps strengthen your leg muscles, too.

Indoor and Outdoor Bike Riding

There are many exercise bikes available in the market today. With these exercise bikes, you can enjoy bike riding for weight loss in the comforts of your home or office. There are also exercise bikes in your local fitness centers. Taking pollution and traffic into consideration, bicycle riding for weight loss indoors can be considered the safest form of cycling exercises. There are also stationary bikes with computer monitors that help you keep track of everything, including your speed, your heart rate and the amount of calories burned. You can also customize the resistance levels for a better workout.

Bike Riding for Weight Loss 3Bike trails or paths have become increasingly popular as more and more cities and towns are becoming bike friendly nowadays. Outdoor bicycle riding for weight loss is a great way to commute to work or run small errands. Incorporating bike riding on your life by commuting to work is the best example of blending a healthy lifestyle without disrupting your daily routine. In addition, outdoor biking can be a huge time saver. Bike riding is the best mode of transportation inside the congested cities. Finding a parking space for your bike is never a problem. By bike riding for weight loss outdoors, you get to exercise while exploring new places and enjoying the experience.

Choosing Bedroom Themes

Bedroom Themes

Are you struggling to come up with a theme for your bedroom? Have you narrowed it down to a few choices but just can’t decide? Maybe you are just tired of having a bedroom that is nothing special. You’ve seen the beautiful images in magazines and on websites, but you have no ideas where to even begin because you are sure that those photos you saw could not possibly be a “real” bedroom. If any of these apply to you, or, if you just need some creative bedroom theme ideas, read on. I think we can help. Don’t necessarily take each bedroom idea as a literal set of directions (unless you really like the ideas). Instead, use these ideas as a way to spark your imagination. The bedroom is a very personal area and although functionality is important, it is essential that you take this special space and make it your own personal sanctuary. We all need a special place to call our own. Why not your bedroom?

The possibilities of creating a beautiful bedroom uniquely your own are limitless, but so many possibilities can be pretty intimidating. Each of us has at least an inkling of what her dream bedroom should be like, if not completely wrapped up with the brilliant ideas about it already. Some ideas are not as original as others and others are not as conventional as some. Nevertheless, the essential notion remains; we know what tugs at our hearts and what simply flies swiftly like a nonexistent arrow.

Girls Bedroom Ideas. Beautiful bedroom designs for teenage girls by PB TeenThe inspiration comes to you in the form of a sweet dream or as a self-induced daydream. In short, the bedroom theme that you have chosen is part of your fantasy world. As an example, let’s consider Neverland with Tinker Bell fluttering her wings. What will your bedroom look like?

The first idea that will come to mind for exploration is the color. Olive green painted walls with a portion covered in wallpaper that has a repetition of the abstract image of wings in silver accents against a textured white background. A simple four poster wooden bed with light oak stain and sheer bluish canopy that gathers at the center of the bed can be reminiscent of the forest where Tinker Bell roamed. A unique pendant light with dried intertwining wood stems embraces the elements and makes them whole.

Sleep and awaken with colors

To be enchanted with colors up to the point of obsession can be a good thing only if you do not settle for just one shade of a particular color. To have canary yellow for a favorite color and to apply it liberally in your bed sheets and pillow cases, in the curtains, in the upholstery of the arm chair right across your bed, and to make the biggest faux of all in painting all the walls of your bedroom in canary yellow, is like bathing with a can of paint or wearing yellow colored eyeglasses in order to see everything in one shade. The secret approach that will save you from dull monotony is to play with the shades of one color and experiment with the patterns that you can infuse such as floral, plaids and stripes. They regulate the strong effect of color and create variety. Try painting one wall the lightest shade of yellow for emphasis and hang either silver frames or bright yellow frames that will pop out on the wall.

Tropical paradise in your slumber

It would be amazing to wake up in a bedroom overlooking a sprawling sandy beach and gave upon a captivating sunrise every morning. Recapturing this in your bedroom would mean embracing tropical elements such as wicker furniture, slatted ceilings with wooden beams, capiz shells and wooden sliding doors, a rough textured crafted hardwood bed with sturdy base with slatted post headboard, etc. A ceiling fan made of weaved rattan and wrought-iron support is a suitable lighting fixture for this type of bedroom. The room corners can be decorated with big potted plants with gigantic leaves resembling banana leaves and a bird-of-paradise plant placed as a focal element for the area near the window. Interesting decors such as sea shells, dried corals and twigs can be combined to make beautiful mobiles to hang from the ceiling, or they can be made into bead curtains and wall accents. The use of thin and transparent gauzelike curtains that are easily blown away by the wind exudes an undeniably tropical vibe.

Vintage sleeping quarters

Have you ever slept in a room filled with history and character? From the antique bed with brass frame that was inherited from your grandmother, hand-me-down dressing table mirror your great aunt left with your mother, a rustic wooden chest your grandfather’s best friend exchanged with him, to the modified rococo bergere with floral patterned upholstery that your childhood neighbor let go of in their garage sale 10 years ago. It seems you have collected pieces that are worth treasuring, and by adding your own special historic items such as your first portrait, framed in carved wood, or some other memory filled item,you are engaging in the adventures of the past as well as capturing the essence of your present in relation to your past.

Eclectic elegance in your bedroom

Moroccan elements have a genuinely exotic feel that can stand out in any interior. The use of colorful Moroccan poufs and colored glass with metal detail chandeliers are attractive decors that can enliven a bedroom. A classic oriental opium bed with all-white bed sheets and pillow cases, simple bedside tables with inconspicuous moldings, and a modified Queen Anne wing chair with a plain velvet purple seat and back cushions can awe you. Eclectic interiors have no known boundaries and limitations save for the idea that all of the elements, though varying in style and origin, will be fused and matched until they will no longer seem different but parts of a whole.

Bedroom Themes 3

Lucky is the individual who sleeps in a hammock with the forest as his bedroom. Fortunate is a man who builds skyscrapers in his dreams while covered with a silver and black striped comforter inside a spacious and modern minimalist bedroom in a masculine and elegant penthouse. Privileged is the woman who breathes peacefully into the deepest caverns of her subconscious beneath floral patterned sheets and pillows in a luxurious bed with lacy bed skirting and a thin silky canopy that falls down gracefully to the delicately carpeted floor. The decorating choices we make, even with the simple issue of bedroom themes, reflects the yearnings of our souls.

Garden Power Tools – 5 Must Have Garden Power Tools

Everyone knows that the most important Garden Power Tool is the lawnmower. If that is all you do to keep the place looking good then at least it is a beginning. A good looking lawn can make a huge difference in the way people judge you as a homeowner or responsible renter.

Lawn Mower

lawn-mowerThroughout the years I have come up with some basic requirements in choosing the right Lawn Mower. They come powered by muscle, battery, electricity, fuel or as an attachment. Needless to say…the push mower is out because it is just to much like work. A riding mower seems like the perfect choice but sometimes space and complexity of the landscaping leaves this a poor choice. I tend to keep it simple by choosing a gas powered, self propelled lawn mower with an electric start. The Husky or Toro models seem to suit me fine.

String Trimmer

use-a-string-trimmerThe string trimmer can be the “get to hard spots” type of Garden Power Tool. Typically this machine is called a weed trimmer. It also can be powered by various methods, but I prefer Gas powered once again because I hate dragging electrical cords around. The 4 cycle driven string trimmer with a quick string release and capabilities for attachments is well worth investigating.

Let’s not forget the multitude of hand tools needed to groom the yard. But we’ll leave this important section for another time. Let’s keep focused on the Power tools that make life easier.

Chain Saw

chainsawA chain saw can become a close friend when disaster strikes or if a yard has been neglected for far to long. In most cases, the electric chain saw will tackle any job within reason, although it can struggle with some of the larger logs that you might chop down. Overall it is probably best to leave the fallen 300 year old tree to the professionals.


shredderSome might disagree with this next choice, but you have to try one first before you judge. It is the electric This little gem can save you a world of work by quickly slicing and dicing the stubbornest of branches, twigs and other yard debris.

You can pick a dependable machine up for under 200 bucks.

Leaf Blower

Leaf BlowerLast is my favorite. The good old gas powered Leaf Blower. What can I say. No more sweeping. All these tools are a sound investment. Getting the yard work done quicker means spending more time at the barbecue.

Kitchen Curtains or Kitchen Blinds?

When should you use kitchen curtains to “finish off” your kitchen windows and when should you use blinds? It is very much a personal choice but here are some factors which might sway your decision one way or the other.

Curtains are easy to purchase ready made in various sizes which will easily fit most kitchen windows and can be easily hung from a simple curtain rod fixed above your windows. If you have windows which are not a standard size and shape you can easily find curtain fabric suitable for kitchens and most stores selling curtain fabric offer a making up service. (You may find special deals too where they will make the curtains for free when you purchase the fabric).

No Restriction on Kitchen Fabric

kitchen-blindsThere seems to be no end of fabric designs available and if you don’t like traditional kitchen fabrics there’s no need to restrict yourself to them as there are a wide range of other designs which would look great in your kitchen – including plain, stripe, plaid, paisley and gingham fabrics.

If you choose washable kitchen curtains or fabrics (and you should) you will be able to launder your curtains frequently to get them looking like new again. The air in a kitchen is full of steam and grease and everything there needs frequent cleaning as I’m sure you are aware.

Kitchen Blinds Offer Many Options

kitchen-window-ideas-blindsIf you choose blinds instead of kitchen window curtains you will also have lots of choice although not quite so much if you are looking for ready made shades. However you can get in touch with a specialist blind company if you would like more choice or if your windows are a non standard size and order from them. Fitting of blinds is reasonably straight forward. You usually just have to fix brackets to hold the blind at the top of the window recess and you are done, maybe after trimming your blind slightly to fit the gap if required. If you order from a blind company they will usually fit the blinds for you.

Where blinds are less useful is in how easy they are to clean. You will be able to wipe clean hard blinds such as metallic Venetian or wooden blinds but fabric blinds can be very difficult to clean (if you can clean them at all). You may be able to have the blind specialist cleaned at a dry cleaners but washing some blinds yourself will usually take the stiffness out of the fabric.

In the end however the choice between curtains and blinds often comes down to the one thing we haven’t mentioned – the style of your kitchen. Blinds are most suited to high tech and minimalist kitchens whereas curtains look just right in a more traditional or country kitchen where blinds would look a bit stark.


Why start a kitchen garden?

Starting a kitchen garden is not merely a way to have fun outdoors, to eat and share delicious food and even make a little money. It’s a way to save the world! Food crisis is real. It is hard to see, for those living in countries that heavily subsidize agriculture, but 1 billion people live in (and sometimes die from!) hunger. This number is likely to increase, as the population grows, as wealth inequality rises, as fertile soil is eroded by intensive industrial agriculture and as bio diversity diminishes in the face of the onslaught of corporate (GMO) monoculture.

It would be nice to have an entirely positive website, which does nothing but advocate the benefits of a kitchen garden. Though the personal benefits of a kitchen garden a great, this is only half of the picture. Our common, human interest in reclaiming food sovereignty, and averting food crisis, is of even greater importance. Here are some of the reasons we have a shared interest in creating kitchen gardens.

The Soil

Corporate agribusiness is slowly killing biodiversity, starting with the life in the soil. Soil is one of the most underrated resources on the planet. It is teeming with life – complex, regenerative ecosystems that transform decaying materials into readily available nutrients. Industrial, corporate farming not only fails to respect the value of soil, it relentlessly destroys it. The reason is simple: nature gets in the way of short term profit maximization. Nature is not designed to facilitate the practice of growing a single, intensive crop over and over again on the same plot of land. Such abuse of the land destroys the health of the soil, making it possible for various soil diseases to occur, and for certain (crop damaging) organisms to flourish.

The response of Big Agriculture has been to attack the symptoms, while not only ignoring, but worsening the underlying causes.The result is soil depletion and soil deterioration. Pesticides and herbicides are used to kill whatever organisms may harm crops. This also prevents organisms from creating good soil structure. Fertilizers can no longer be retained by the soil, and leach into the groundwater. As this progresses, more and more fertilizer is needed, which drains through the damaged soil and into our water supply at an accelerating rate.

The attack on the soil is worsened by monoculture, especially when high yielding (GMO) crops are used. The relative benefit of high yielding crops is rendered moot, because high yielding crops hungrily suck nutrients out of the soil. So the soil is first poisoned, which destroys its structure and erodes it. Then, what is left of the soil is rapidly depleted by engineered crops.

Really the soil is a great, communal, natural resource. It is being ravaged and usurped in the same way as the rain forests and the oil reserves are, by foolish people who think (absurd amounts of) money is more important than beauty, health or happiness. It is our duty not to fall victim to the tyranny of these fools. The answer is simple enough: start your own kitchen garden, or become involved with one.

The Seeds

Of all the crazy, horrible things being done in and to the world by corporations (like BP, for one!), it is remarkable that an agricultural bio-tech company was voted the “worst company in the world” in 2011. Perhaps this outcome is not so remarkable for those familiar with Monsanto, which took the US court decision that life could be patented, and has been running with it ever since.

Monsanto owns Seminis, “the largest developer, grower and marketer of fruit and vegetable seeds in the world.” Being The biggest doesn’t make Monsanto instantly evil. What does make them evil, is the way they are erasing varieties of edible plants from the Earth, to replace them with modified, sterile varieties. Donning conspiracy glasses, their motives are clear. Destroy the seedbanks of the world, so that their seeds are the only ones left. Their sterile or otherwise seedless varieties cannot be used more than once: people wishing to start a kitchen garden is this Monsanto nightmare-scape will need to perpetually buy Monsanto seeds.

The Poisons

As if being forced to buy sterile seeds isn’t bad enough, these seeds are also designed to require specific herbicides and pesticides, which can only be bought from…you know who. And as if THAT isn’t bad enough, these herbicides and pesticides are extremely toxic. These poisons have been accredited with killing organisms as large as frogs, while damaging human DNA and cells. Ok, bear with me, to make iteven worse, poisons such as Monsanto’s Roundup do not work – rather they have created strains of weeds that are immune to herbicides, which now infest hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. The bright spot, if you can call it one, is that Monsanto’s products are so bad, for everything, that despite their infiltration of government farmers are losing faith.

The point really isn’t Monsanto – they are just a good example (being the world’s worst company and all). The point isn’t even to grow afraid of what the rise of corporatism means for agriculture. The point is to grow a kitchen garden! Using real, heirloom seeds, natural pest control, love and compost!


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